How does a lesbian dominatrix incorporate fantasy into her sessions?

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The practice of incorporating fantasy into a session between a lesbian dominatrix and her submissive can be an incredibly powerful one, and one that can help create deeper understanding and connection between the two partners. For both the submissive and dominant in a session, it can be a space to explore personal fantasies, desirable scenarios, and gain a better understanding of their unique desires. In fact, for those new to the BDSM world, fantasy-driven play can be an exciting and safe way to explore this new world, as it allows the dominatrix to guide the session and keeps it firmly within one’s pre-determined and agreed upon boundaries.

At its core, fantasy-driven play involves the dominant creating scenarios in which the submissive acts out predetermined scenarios. Depending on the comfort levels and preferences of both partners, this could range from elements of role-playing to bondage and corporal punishment. In these scenes, the domme may provide the protagonist or villain roles, or the entire scene may be created by the submissive and allowed to be fully explored with the complete safety of a safeword and respect for each other’s boundaries.

One of the beautiful elements of fantasy-driven play is that these roles may be entirely new identities that allow for exploration and fantasy. For example, the submissive could chose to take on characterization such as a subservient housemaid, a wild and untamed character, or a helpless victim. Conversely, the domme can experiment with different personas ranging from a strict teacher or disciplinarian, to a cruel and demanding ruler, or a stunningly beautiful and powerful matriarch. These roles can be decided beforehand, allowing the dominant to provide structure, or the submissive can create different scenarios to be explored.

The incorporation of fantasy in a session could also involve the use of props, costumes, blindfolds, and other items to be used during the session. The domme may also use verbal commands such as “Stand up, “Walk, “Kneel, etc. in order to set the scene and build the fantasy. Further, language can be used to call attention to certain aspects of the dynamic such as an age-play scenario or a strict “mistress/slave situation.

The possibilities that fantasy play and role-playing can present are truly endless and every situation is unique to the two partners involved. Ultimately, it is through the practice of a respectful and consensual dynamic that a lesbian dominatrix and her submissive can safely and fully explore their fantasies and develop an understanding of themselves and their partners. Thus, fantasy-driven play can be a wonderful and powerful tool to help create a strong and unique connection between two partners. Original source.

How does the reputation system on Websites Like Fetlife work?

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The reputation system on Websites Like Fetlife plays an important role in how users interact in the community. It is an important factor in keeping the website safe and preventing some forms of harassed behavior.

At its core, FetLife’s reputation system is a way for users to rate each other’s posts, profile information, and activities in the community. Reputation points are comprised of two components: positive points from other members and negative points from blocked members or negative comments made about another user. A user’s reputation score is determined by taking the difference between the two scores.

One key factor that affects a user’s reputation score is how consistently their profile is updated. If a user has a profile that is frequently updated, then this can increase their reputation score as more users will be likely to visit their profile page. In contrast, if a user’s profile information is left unchanged for a lengthy period of time, this can have a negative effect on their reputation score as it may appear less credible and up-to-date.

In terms of sharing posts, users can earn reputation points through a number of different strategies. First of all, users can earn reputation points by creating and sharing content that other users are interested in. If a user’s posts generate a lot of interest from the community, this can earn them positive reputation points. Additionally, users can increase their reputation score through interacting with other users and responding to their questions or criticisms.

Users can also lose reputation points if they engage in bad behavior, such as spamming other users, making inappropriate comments, or breaking any of the website’s terms of use. If a user’s reputation score becomes too negative, then this can prompt the website to take action and potentially suspend their account.

Overall, the reputation system on FetLife is an important tool for helping moderate user behavior and maintaining a safe and healthy community. By engaging in responsible behavior, users can ensure their reputation score is kept in a positive state and avoided any unwanted repercussions.

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